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1. How Big is the Hair Care Product Industry?

Indian Hair Care Market is forecasted to reach USD 4.89 billion by 2025 growing at a 6.58% during the forecast period (2020 – 2025). And, if we see the survey and statistics, the percentage weightage has been given to Shampoo, Conditioner and more Specifically the products that includes Hair Care

2. Does Ayurvedic Hair Care Products are in Demand?

The Ayurveda market in India was valued at INR 300 billion in 2018, and is expected to reach INR 710.87 billion by 2024, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~16.06%, during the forecast period. The Survey states that the Demand of Natural & Ayurvedic Hair Care products have been increased over the period of Pandemic. During this time, most of people wanted to try their hand on Natural Products that can make their hair Shinier, Smoother and more Stronger.

3. Is it a Good Option to opt for Hair Care Product Business?

According to the Studies, there are some Industries who are interested in Selling the Best Ayurvedic Hair Care Products Under there own Brand Name. Ayurvedic Hair Spa, Hair Salon, Beauty parlor are the Best Business who can opt for this Opportunity! Because Building Your Own Brand and Selling some Novel products Under You Onw Brand is a Profitable Deal for Everyone

4. Is there Any Unique Hair Care Product for Private Labelling / Direct Selling? You have a number of reasons to choose us!

Keeping the Need of Ayurvedic Hair Care Range in Mind, Herbal Hills, the leading Manufacturers of Ayurvedic Cosmetic Products have come up with “Kesho Forte Hair Spa Kit”  This Ayurvedic Hair Spa at Home Kit is Inclusive of Kesho Forte Ayurvedic Hair Oil, Kesho Forte Ayurvedic Hair Shampoo, and the Most Important, Keshohills Ayurvedic Hair Mask

Ayurvedic Hair Spa Kit - Best Product for Business Growth

Hair Spa is something, every person is looking for to embrase their hair and revamp its Health to the fullest. Doing Hair Spa a Month is a good Habit to improe your hair condition and its has been suggested by Hair Specialist and some reserach studies. But, everytime treating your hair with Chemical can go wrong and worse the hair issues people already have. Thus, almost 80% of people are finidng an Altaerative & Natural hair care solution to bring back their Hair’s beauty. And what is better to offer “What People Need for Hair Care Regimen!!” Thus, stepping into the business of Selling Ayurvedic Hair Spa at Home Kit Under Your Own Brand is the Best Opportunity to create a great place in the Market.

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5. What is the Specialty of kesho Forte Ayurvedic Hair Spa Kit? All these 3 Ayurvedic hair care products are made using the fusion of ancient hair care herbs and nourishing oils to improve the overall health.

1. Kesho Forte Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Main Ingredients: Henna, Aloe Vera, Brahmi, Jaswand, Bhringraj, Methi seeds, Amla, Kalonji seed, Sarso oil

Benefits: Nourishes dry hair & scalp May improve hair growth & reduce hair fall May reduce dandruff Anti-oxidant property may promote hair regeneration May reduce dryness, itchiness, split ends, & fakes

2. Kesho Forte Hair Wash

Main Ingredients: Shikakai, Arithra, Amla, Aloevera Pulp, Bhringraj, Neem leaves, Henna Leaves, Methi seeds, Kalonji seeds, Jaswand leaves, Betal leaves, Curry leaves.

Benefits: Cleansing nature may prevent follicles from getting blocked, detangling your hair gently. Essential fatty acids helps to make hair softer, shinnier and voluminous May improve hair growth, help prevent dandruff, may reduce hair fall and repair split ends.

3. Kesho Hair Mask Powder

Main Ingredients: Amla, Methi seed, Shikakai, Henna leaves, Aloevera, Bhringraj, Aritha, Neem, Kalonji, Curry leaves, Jaswand

Benefits: It may retain the natural acid-alkaline balance on your scalp It may remove dirt and oil without messing this balance, unlike other chemical-based products. It will give deep conditioner that may live your hair feeling absolutely gorgeous

Researched Ayurvedic Hair Care Products by Herbal Hills Widely Accepted by Millennial Generations

6. How People can use this Ayurvedic Hair Mask Step-by-Step?

Step 1: Hair Wash

Direction of Use: Take a sufficient amount of Kesho Forte Hair Wash (according to your hair length). Massage with it in a circular motion till it lather. You must use only lukewarm water for this step. Washing your hair with hot water can weaken the roots and even cause dandruff or itchy scalp problems.

Step 2: Hair Oiling

Direction of Use: gently massage Ayurvedic Hair Oil Kesho Forte into hair ensuring that the entire scalp is covered. The treatment works as a natural conditioner if left on for at least 20 minutes. May also be left overnight if desired.

Step 3: Hot Towel Therapy

Direction of Use: Heat water in a suitable utensil. Once the water is warm, dip a towel or cotton cloth in it and squeeze to remove excess water.
Wrap this towel around your head. This will open up the pores and help the oil penetrate deep inside the scalp and nourish the hair. Let it stay on your hair for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 4: Hair Mask

Direction of Use: Mix one sachet of Kesho Hair mask with 1 small bowl of water. Apply on the scalp and through the entire length of your hair. Keep it on for 40-50 min and then rinse of with the water.

Step 5: Hair Wash

Direction of Use: After 50 mins. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and do not use any shampoo or conditioner. By just washing with water, the herbs present in the Ayurvedic hair mask will keep work on your scalp and will offer maximum benefits

7. How do I Process for Private Labelling/ Contract Manufacturing?

Packaging Selection: We have a wide range of packaging material to choose from. It varries from pouches, monocartons, vaccum sealed sachet to pump bottles.

Customized Label Designing: With the help of our creative designing team, we assure you the best eye-catching & most-suitable product labels for your OWN BRAND

Packing & Shipping: After the product is packed, we deliver the product to your desired location

8. Why to Choose Herbal Hills as Trusted Private Labelling Manufacturers for Your Business Growth?

Create Your Own Brand

Our R&D & Design Team Prepare a Unique product for you with your Own Logo on them. Its branding is done beautifully to set your product apart from the competition.

Own Manufacturing Unit

We, the trusted Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturing company has a well-equipped & modern manufacturing unit to offer highly flexible & versatile products

100%  Pure Raw Herbs

Our R&D & Design Team Prepare a Unique product for you with your Own Logo on them. Its branding is done beautifully to set your product apart from the competition.

Quality Products

We understand that quality is a very important aspect of private labeling. All the product batches go through our Quality testing lab to check all the safety & quality parameters

Packaging Solutions

We have a variety of Packaging options for Skincare & Haircare to make your product stand apart in the range of other Cosmetics available in the market.


To build the trust of your customers, all the Private Label Cosmetics have Government License & prepared in the GMP certified company

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